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We have over 28,000 employees working today in 30 countries serving some 170 million subscriptions. Our shared values – add value; make it happen; and show respect – guide all of our everyday work and relations with stakeholders. As no company works in isolation, our operations have both positive and negative impacts in societies where we operate.

The term sustainability is as an umbrella term to describe business operations that are designed to realise our economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Our sustainability work mainly involves ensuring environmental and social sustainability along our supply chain, taking care of the well-being of our employees, reducing our own carbon footprint and those of our customers, complying with ethical business practices in all markets, safeguarding our customers’ privacy, respecting freedom of expression, protecting children online, and supporting research related to exposure to electromagnetic fields.

On our website you can explore how we are working to further integrate sustainability as part of our strategy and everyday operations.

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