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TAXSURGE Workshop #1 in Stockholm 21–22 September 2023

At last, our colleagues in the project were on site for our first workshop. There were representatives from KSE, CSR Ukraine, ISET, CSR Georgia, CSR Sweden and Lund University. It was very nice to meet in person after several digital meetings.

The weather in Stockholm was excellent with sun, still a bit of summer heat and the air was fresh as it is at the beginning of autumn.

We had our meeting at Helio, Slottsbacken 8, opposite the Royal Palace in Stockholm where CSR Sweden has its office.

The aim for the workshop was to get to know each other and make plans to have the initial versions of the course(s) ready to hold in Kyiv, Lund and Tbilisi. We discussed how to identify content, pedagogical framing, technical requirements and other factors needed to deliver the course at respective sites.

Thursday we primarily focused on discussions on the content.

Friday we talk about the pedagogical considerations and anchor a detailed project plan with activities, responsibilities and milestones.

Content was:

Historical Context, Sustainability Context, Legal Landscape, Multinational Initiatives, Shareholders, ESG/Reporting, Tax advisors, Tax Havens, Tax Watchdogs, Best Practice, Tax Regulation, Jurisdictional/Country Considerations, Tax Authorities, Tax Incentives

During these two days we had time to get to know each other, understand each other's organizations and cultures. We alos talked about how the business community views the area of Responsible Taxation. We shared experiences.

It is of course hard to listen to the situation of our colleagues in Ukraine and the situation they must live in.

We also had a great time and invited a few relevant guests such as The Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, the Tax Agency, to take a trip together with the steamer Blidösund where we had interesting conversations during dinner. And at the same time we could enjoy a view of Stockholm from the water in a wonderful sunset.

The two days went by very quickly, as it happens when you talk about an exciting and important topic. Looking forward to seeing the whole group next time next spring, 2024 in Tiblisi. In the meantime, we will meet regularly digitally.

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