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Sustainability Tax Project

Uppdaterat: 16 aug. 2023

This project aims to adapt and develop a course on Sustainable Taxation for Georgia, Sweden and Ukraine. We aim to educate the next generation of business managers and policy makers of the implications of corporate taxation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In so doing we establish a collaboration between various stakeholders – Universities, businesses (through Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – organisations) and tax administrations in the three countries and draw on their common expertise.

Thus, we aim to create:

A broader understanding of what sustainable taxation for corporations entails.

  • A recognition of the core values of justice, balance and fairness that the SDGs promote in relation to tax.

  • An understanding of the historical and philosophical roots for tax and why differences between tax law in theory and in practice occur.

  • Develop insights about various stakeholders’ – tax professionals, tax collectors, businesses, the international organisations – views on the corporate tax arena.

  • Understand the role of tax havens and how international organizations like the OECD and the UN work with these issues.

  • Introduce various tools that are used to steering, managing and controlling tax for increased sustainability

Our aim is also to establish a long term collaboration between CSR interest organizations in respective countries. There is much to learn from the challenges each society holds addressing CSR values and goals.

The next activity, a workshop, is planned in Stockholm 21–22 September.

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