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CSR Swedens program

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Tisdag 9 maj, Exposcenen, kl 14.15–15.10


Är det dags att riva


En rad EU direktiv som sakta snart blir svensk lag, hur förändrar det arbetet för tungt inköpande företag, och upphandlande myndigheter.

Vad ska storbolagen och deras
underleverantörer tänka på? 

Hållbarhetsprofilen Parul Sharma samtalar med:

  • Pauline Göthberg, Nationell Samordnare, -Enhetschef Regionernas nationella kansli hållbar upphandling

  • Mats Stålnacke, Head of Sustainable Purchasing, LKAB Group

Onsdag 10 maj, Exposcenen, kl 09.50–10.10


A tsunami of directives
and legal requirements is
coming from Brussels. 


What do you need
to keep track of?

Directly from Brussels, Giorgia Miccoli, Project Manager EU Affairs, CSR Europe will give you a smart update on what is happening at EU level that you should be aware of.


Moderator Jakob Rehme, Professor, Linköping University, Department of Management and Engineering, Industrial Economics


You don’t want to miss this.

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Onsdag 10 maj, Exposcenen, kl 13.00-13.20


Only sustainable organizations
can achieve sustainable goals.


Identify KPIs for employee and social
sustainability within ESRS.


With coming ESRS directives, including UN-related sustainability goals, there is still a shared uncertainty between sustainability leads and HR around what KPIs will be important to monitor over time. HR is clearly part of the solution to empower and augment the manager capability to be a professional manager. However, the demand to prioritize this adapted behavior and focus must come from top leadership.


  • Aino Health, CSR Sweden member company, explains and gives good examples 

  • Sven Hultin – Social Sustainability SME @ AINO


Onsdag 10 maj, Exposcenen, kl 13.25–14.10


TAX, what is it good for?


A panel discussion on ”Tax and Sustainability”, featuring international experts who will discuss the latest developments in this important area. Corporate tax has become a crucial sustainability issue and an essential ESG indicator in recent years, and our panelists will shed light on various aspects of this topic.


The panel will cover topics such as Taxonomy’s minimum safeguards, the new accounting directive CSRD and its implications for future tax reporting, and how a sustainable tax function can contribute to companies’ value development. You will have the opportunity to hear from some of the leading experts in the field, including:


Femke van der Zeijden

Tax Director, PwC

Lorena Sorrentino

Manager, CSR Europe

Graham Drummond
Head of Communications, Fair Tax Foundation

Anders Tegelberg
Head of Tax, Vattenfall AB

Peter Paul van de Wijs
Chief External Affairs Officer, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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