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    Human Rights, Supply Chain, Anti-Corruption and Due Diligence: a two day interactive workshop

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Human Rights, Supply Chain, Anti-Corruption and Due Diligence: a two day interactive workshop

The Academy for Human Rights in Business (CSR Sweden) has been running program- mes on Human Rights, Anti-corruption and Supply Chain since 2013, and covering over 500 companies in Asia, Latin America, and the EU. The method used is through case studies and interactive sessions, which are guided by a senior facilitator.

These two days, 15-16th of November 2018 in Stockholm, will cover practical sessions with at least six case studies and two toolkits: there will be a thorough session on the concept of due diligence within the UN Guiding Principles and also with focus on an internal due diligence (a company based health check), case studies on the ILO core conventions emphasizing the method on how to identify modern slavery, bonded la- bour and forced labour.

The workshops will further focus on controlling the supply chain, and various methods for the same. Within this particular workshop one SWOT analysis will be made. Linked to the supply chain, a session will be held on anti-corruption and making a risk analysis of fraud and corruption risks within various industries along with a toolkit based on an anti- corruption programme.

After completing the two day’s training session all participates will receive a certificate of participation, as this is a certificate of participation a full participation will be required to obtain such certificate. There will be files with material distributed entailing cases and toolkits. The cost for two days will be 900 Euro (without VAT). With a maximum number of 20-25 participants, 4-5 people in each workshop group.

Day 1 focus areas

  • Due diligence internal and external as per the UN Guiding Principles: method based training including few real cases

  • ILO Core conventions: understanding trends within supply chain issues and identification of issues through real life cases

  • Human Rights and ILO tool box.

    Day 2 focus areas

  • Supply chain control mechanisms- minimum levels required. This will include workshops based on real life cases

  • SWOT of supply chain management

  • Anti-corruption tool box.

Datum: 15 november 2018 - 16 november 2018
Lokal: CSR Sweden, Ferkens Gränd 3, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Kostnad: 900
Anmälan till: info@csrsweden.se