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    Human rights and global value chains

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Human rights and global value chains

Open Forum on shared responsibility for human rights and global value chains


G7, OECD, SDGs have all put great emphasis on the need to foster sustainable supply chains. At a time when the European Commission (2016-19) is about to renew its CSR strategy, CSR Europe, in close collaboration with the European Parliament and Commission, will host an event to:

  • Discuss how companies embed human rights into their functions as an on-going process which must always favour continuous improvement over box-ticking
  • Explore how sector platforms support more companies to share and build coherent processes and capacities
  • How policy makers at national, European and international level can engage closer the business community to support wider impact and accelerate progress

The purpose of this open forum is clear: how can we define a new chapter for business-EU collaboration to ensure better compliance and increased innovation for real impact? The status quo is not an option, closer collaboration is vital if we want Europe to continue playing a leadership role on human rights in sustainable supply chains at local and global level. 

The day will be broken into two sessions, which are detailed below:

Morning Session: European Policy Forum on Business and Human Rights hosted by Mr Richard Howitt, MEP and Rapporteur on CSR

Afternoon Session: Shared Responsibility for Global Value Chains, organised by CSR Europe and the Platform for Responsible Sourcing Across Industries

For all enquiries please contact Lucinda Pearson (lp@csreurope.org)

Datum: 16 mars 2016 - 16 februari 2016
Lokal: The European Parliament and the Renaissance Hotel Brussels
Anmälan till: Lucinda Pearson (lp@csreurope.org)