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    Human Right Risks in the Supply Chain

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Human Right Risks in the Supply Chain

This training will be focused on human rights and labor standards within the supply chain. High risk perspectives will be discussed.
What tools and competence is required in a company to foresee and follow-up on supply chain issues? What practices should be applied and implemented?

Which risks and loop-holes are there? What is a good due diligence process?
This 1-day training will provide the company representative with a competence to tack- le some of the supply chain challenges in a practical manner. Cases and questions will be discussed and dealt with. This 1-day training is relevant for all companies no matter which industry they belong to.

Our teacher is Parul Sharma, Parul is also the Principal at the Academy for Human Rights in Business, which has provided training on CSR
related issues to more than 400 companies. She is Counsel
and Head of CSR Compliance at Law firm Vinge. She has many years’ experience of CSR in the supply chain, human rights and anti-corruption in high risk markets.

Date: 27th March 2018 Time: 09.30-16.30
Place: Stockholm
Price: 1900 SEK (Lunch, coffee/tea are included.)
Register: info@csrsweden.se, marianne.bogle@csrsweden.se

Datum: 27 March 2018 - 27 March 2018
Lokal: CSR Sweden, Ferkens Gränd 3, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Kostnad: 1900
Anmälan till: info@csrsweden.se